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"How do they do it?".


"At the helm of producing competent, responsible, self-reliant and flexible citizens".


"To provide quality holistic education that fosters creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to produce competent global citizens".


  1. God Fearing
  2. Respect
  3. Integrity 
  4. Team work
  5. Integrity
  6. Excellence


  • The location of the center is traffic free and fresh.
  • The facilities are child friendly and safe for the children.
  • Parental care towards the children is provided.
  • Meals are served warm and fresh (balanced diet).
  • All meals (early morning tea, breakmeal and lunch) to be provided by the center for all children (half&full day learners). The full day learners get the evening tea after the afternoon nap.
  • All scholarstic materials are provided by the school.
  • Transport is available for up to 10km from the school.
  • A nurse is stationed at the school to give firstaid and recommend further medical attention if need arises.
  • A chef is available to cater for children’s meals preparations.
  • All play materials are provide by the school.
  • Full day children take a shower before having lunch.
  • Spacious sleeping rooms are available.
  • The learning frame work by NCDC is followed by qualified and experienced Nursery teachers.
  • Reading (Jolly phonics) and writing are given priority.
  • Children are guided to develop discipline.
  • All religions are respected and observed.
  • Children are trained in life skills (communication, interpersonal, leadership etc)
  • Children are equipped with general knowledge about the environment.
  • Parents are welcome anytime to discuss children’s issues with the school staff.
  • Swimming is offered.
  • Children’s birthdays are observed.
  • Children are helped to develop their talents.